Levels of Mind

There are five levels of mind. Research has also proved that the key to success is to have good relationships. However, to understand these relationships the first step is to understand the levels of mind.

What is the level of my mind?

Measuring one’s mind level

Kenya’s drinking water business is 15 billion shilling per year. Water is very important for our life hence if one does not take clean water he will get infections.

Just like drinking good water requires one to spend a lot of money, likewise to have a good mind requires investment.

Levels of water

There are five levels of water which have been identified as follows:

As seen from the above model, according to the level of water different types of fish can live. Which level do you want to live?

Levels of mind

Like the levels of water similarly we can describe five levels of mind as illustrated below:

Characteristics of mind levels

There are specific characteristics associated with the five levels of mind as described below:

5th Level

This level is referred to as abnormal mind.

  • One is addicted to games, gambling and drugs addiction.

  • It is the lowest level of mind chasing abnormal needs.

  • One experiences self-trust which is more dangerous than games, gambling and drugs.

  • There are billions of investment in game development and make the games inevitable or addictive.

  • Gamblers usually imagine anytime reversal of my life but it ends at death.

Case study

A story is said of a person who tried to quit playing cards by cutting off his fingers with a paper cutter. But when his wife could not find him, and thought that he might have gone to the local casino, she found her husband gambling with poker cards between his toes. The wife almost fainted when she saw that. Surely the man did everything he could to quit gambling. Ultimately, gambling dragged him around. Whether it is gambling or drugs, it is rare to find people who have the will to resist those things. Even though they strain, they cannot break free from it because there is a strong power pulling them.

4th Level

Involves mind to live according to flesh desires.

  • It focus on those who live for their flesh desires such as appetite, sex and sleep.

  • It is a low level of mind to follow only the needs of the flesh.

  • Incompetent and helpless life.

3rd Level

  • This is the normal mind.

  • It is the ordinary mind that most people have.

  • They cannot live successful life.

  • They should move from 3rd level to 2nd level but they tend to drop to level 4 or 5 given time and circumstance.

2nd Level

Involves challenge, mind beyond the limit.

  • Has successful life.

  • Do not focus for reality and constantly challenge and push the limits.

  • However, success is not equal to happiness because If you stay in the position of success one is unhappy.

  • There many seemingly happy outwardly but internally very unhappy.

  • Prolonged success results to being unhappy.

1st Level

Best mind

  • Constantly challenge, mind and enjoying the limit.

  • A person who has abandoned his right because he knows misfortunes are caused by right mind as shown below:

  • Do not believe in self-thinking nor self-judgment.

  • Abandoning trust in oneself.

  •  Challenge, mind enjoying limits.

Finally, which level of mind do you belong?