Mark Meni

My name is Mark Mwangi Meni. I joined Mahanaim College in January 2018 and enrolled for Hospitality course, Artisan level. The institution's education system has equipped me with competent skills in my career field. I have excelled in my KNEC exams and am waiting to proceed to the next level.

Apart from studies, I had the opportunity to attend BIble class and Mindset training classes which helped me grow spiritually and socially. Through the training, I was able to change my mind and realize that any problem can be turned to an opportunity and utilized for one's benefit and growth.

I gained leadership skills in this college since I was selected as a member of the students council. Being a student leader has enabled me learn guidance and team work skills. 

Recently, I got an internship opportunity with Stadion Hotel (Kasarani Stadium). I am really excited about this opportunity since it's a perfect one for me to advance my skills.

I am really grateful to Mahanaim College for giving me the chance to change my life.